четверг, 3 июля 2008 г.

How I was a barman.

Why did I decide to become a barman? Well..i just had a thought I had no any skills that could be useful almost everywhere. I'm a journalist and can write only in Russian. I needed something "real"...something to make by my own hands. And as I had some practise in making mojito and have been succeeded I've bought a barman course. It cost 3500 rubles. It took two weeks for theory...We wrote down some words about cognac, rum, wines and so on. It was not only "theory"...we made some real cocktails every lesson. And of course we just had to drink it! Strawberry tini.
"Herring on the beach"

Vodka kiwi.

There were 6 coming barmen in my class - 3 girls and 3 guys. All are younger than me. Students just wants to have some own pocket money. Barman isn't an actual "profession" in Russia. It's just an easy way to earn some money (not a lot) for young people. So if you are 24 and you are still the barman everybody asks you why you don't climb the ladder. Next step of the career is a bar manager. My classmates:

I'm not going to climb a ladder. I just want to KNOW HOW TO MAKE COCKTAILS! So next part of education is a practice in clubs and cafes. I was sent in a one abandoned night club called "Pallada". It's huge and nobody's inside for all night! My young teachers were so nice and told me how to cheat a boss and clients) It's necessary if you want to earn more than 10000 rub per month (it's a usual salary for barmen in Vladivostok). When it was a half past midnight we just left the club and closed it.

Next time it was a big festival of break-dance and rap. Plenty people and everyone wants to drink. That was a real job! I was busy so much that couldn't even go to a bathroom till 4 at night. Mostly they wanted Redbull+vodka but I even made one pina colada. Hope that girl has survived...Next time nobody came. Again. But I had a very nice conversation with Andrey (on the right).

After my 4th time (that was quite successful) I decided to stop. But now I have a practice on my friend's birthdays parties. It seems they like it)
And I have a diploma! It's kinda international so I hope I'll be able to work with it abroad. Oh...I should say it's a great pleasure to see people like that you make) It's a new feeling for me because usually I can't see people's reaction for my article this instant.

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Thomas комментирует...

That's sounds interesting...

That's the way I know you, always movement and something new. Most of the people would say that Journalism are much more international successfully , as a ordinary barman. But anyway the pictures are very nice and by the way I love Cocktails! I wouldn't ordered a vodka red bull, if I had had the chance to get a cocktail from such a nice barmaid. Especially I like white rum! All the stuff with Havana Rum, those Cuba Libre, Mai Thai, Mojito, Pina Colada, Planter's Punch and Zombie. I like it, even rum pure is nice.
But now enough with all the alcohol, I didn't want seem like a alcoholic! I have to say your blog is fabulous! I like the way how do you write and configure the blog! Oh, by the way I did know that you are cute nice girl, but it seems you getting more and more beautiful at the pictures at the blog! I like especially the pic with glasses.... grrrrrr.... smile.

I wish you good luck and look forwards to be in touch with you soon.


Natie комментирует...

Hey Thomas! Sorry, I've missed your message. So nice to see you here!) Is there anything in this your blog? I can't see your profile. It's closed for me.

So you like my glases...That inspires me to wear it.

And I promise I'll learn all these coctails with rum to our next meeting)

Анонимный комментирует...

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